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You Should Avoid These 4 Things To Prevent Rust On Light Steel

If you use mild steel at home, surely you are not worried about rust. However, what if the stainless steel layer in the steel is no longer there? On the other hand, you may also need to call the Deputy Inspector Santa Ana CA if you must inspect the result of your steel construction project professionally.


The following are things that can trigger rust. In order for light steel to avoid rust, you simply need to avoid these 4 things:

1. Scratched Work Tools

When the stainless steel layer is scratched, the steel will be directly related to oxygen. As a result of meeting these substances, there will be a chemical reaction between the air and steel that produces rust.

When there is damage due to open connection marks or wrong cuts, repeat coating as soon as possible. Coating onto a mild steel surface using paint. Don’t forget to reduce the plug error so that there are many cuts on the steel surface.

2. Acid Solution

Acidic liquids are very reactive when in contact with mild steel surfaces. Anti-rust coating or coating can peel and produce rust. Acidic solutions are generally found in floor and ceramic cleaning products. For that, you need to pay attention to the light steel storage area that is far from the solution.

3. Rain and Heat

Basically, a lightweight steel roof is not material for the exterior. So it is not recommended for continuous heat and rain. Weather exposure will gradually reduce the durability of the stainless steel coating on steel. As result corrosion will appear faster than the warranty provided.

For this reason, during the installation process, you should place mild steel in a confined space that is protected from sunlight and rain. Avoid working in the rainy season.

4. Cement water

Avoid mild steel from cement mixture. The sticking of cement water on the surface of mild steel will produce a chemical reaction and potentially damage the anti-rust coating. This is especially for the type of mild steel with zinc (galvanized) stainless steel coating.

When the construction phase takes place, protect the mild steel from the process of concrete or cement mixture.

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