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Welding Inspection Deputy Inspector Yorba Linda CA Services

Welding is one of the popular inspection services. It is usually performed by registered Deputy Inspector Yorba Linda CA. Deputy inspector should be certified in many areas. They should be required in education and work experience in the field. The development building of the city will evaluate continually inspection for time periods. Make sure you have requirements in certifications and educations.


If you are looking for deputy inspector, here’s the welding inspection services performed by deputy inspector you need to know.

Welding Inspection Services Deputy Inspector Yorba Linda CA

1. Welding High-Pressure Steam Piping
This special inspection is to verify the high-pressure steam piping joints integrity by using weld fittings as opposed to screw type fittings. Deputy inspector Yorba Linda CA will verify that the welder is qualified in the welding is used. They should review the certifications and the material of welding used is suitable according to welding standards. The will also inspect the welds to be sure that uniform clean and visible pores free.
Installation contractor usually performs a hydrostatic pressure test and used to gauge the integrity of the weld for systems less than 90 psig. It will need a radiographic test for systems higher than 90 psi and the inspector will analyze the results to verify the integrity of the welds.

2. Welding Fuel – Gas Piping
Deputy inspector Yorba Linda CA will inspect the problem to verify the integrity of the weld whenever welded fittings are specified in high gas pressure applications. Deputy inspector will verify that welder is qualified the welding that being used by reviewing the certifications. It is should be using the welding material is suitable for applicable welding standards. Make sure the inspector are clean and free of visible pores while inspecting the welds. Radiographic testing will be required for gas piping if it is larger than 4 inches and has welded fittings.

That’s all about welding services that performed duty inspector Yorba Linda CA you should know.

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