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Weaving Machine Main Parts in the Textile Industry

The textile business is indeed sufficient to guarantee profits because market demand for clothing continues to increase. The use of a weaving machine is very important and there should be no damage. Ball screw parts must also be considered so that it does not bother the owner to look for ball screw repair find this.

There are many types of weaving machines including Shuttle looms, AJL (Water Jet Loom) looms, WJL (Water Jet Loom) looms and many more. The machine is the only difference in the drive and launch of the feed alone. The main motion and the principal part of the machine are the same.
By the main movements, the loom can be divided into main parts, namely:
In the formation of the warp mouth in question is to form the crevices of the warp thread which has been arranged above the loom. The cracks called the warp mouth are obtained because some of the warp threads are lifted, while the other part is pulled down or held in place.

Parts of the formation of the warp mouth consist of:
• Gun. Carrier and regulator of warp threads to form warp mouths according to the plan of plaiting are generally made of thin wire/plate in the middle of which holes are made to wash warp threads called gun eyes.
• Gun Frame. The place/position where the gun is mounted. Made from wood / lightweight metal such as aluminum.
• Gun Movers. The tool works by pulling the gun frame up / down so that the warp threads that are put in the gun can form the warp mouth.

1. Inside and eccentric hoist rollers
2. eccentric outside
3. dobi
4. jacquard

Pul feed section
At the launch of this feed, the aim is to put the weft in the warp mouth.
These sections consist of:
• Binoculars. The pallet carrier when the weft launcher penetrates the warp mouth, the shape and size of the binoculars must be such that it penetrates the warp mouth well. Made from lightweight but strong.
• Blow Equipment. Occurs in looms whose binoculars are not directly moved by hands including this equipment are picker and picker rope handlebar.
• Beater/picker when using binoculars
• Launch bar
• Wind/water spray in the water jet loom and water jet loom.

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