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Understanding of Mild Head Injury

Mild head injury or mild head trauma is a condition when a person has a minor injury in the head. A mild or severe head injury can be assessed from the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). GCS is a collection of responses from patients who are given value to see the level of consciousness. The highest value is 15, while the lowest value is 3. The value is determined based on the ability of the patient to open his eyes, the movement of the sufferer, and the contents of the conversation. Visit Urgent Care Macomb MI to get the best treatment.


Mild head injury rarely causes permanent brain damage. In adults, mild head injuries generally occur due to motor vehicle accidents, hit or hit something, fall, or because of being hit in the head. Whereas in children, this condition is more often caused by falling and bumping.

A mild head injury can cause various symptoms, both physical symptoms and psychological symptoms. Some symptoms can appear immediately after the event, while other symptoms can appear a few days or a few weeks later. Apart from physical symptoms, mild head injuries can also cause sensory system symptoms, such as changes in the sense of smell, sensitivity to light and sound, blurred vision, mouth discomfort, and buzzing in the ears. While mental symptoms that can arise, among others, are problems in memory and concentration, mood changes, and easy to feel anxious, and depression.

The doctor will ask how the patient can be injured and what symptoms are felt. After that, the doctor will do a physical examination to find out how severe the injury is to the patient. The doctor will use the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) to measure the patient’s level of consciousness and classify it as a mild, moderate, and severe head injury. The level of consciousness is measured based on the verbal response, movement response, and the patient’s eye response, and will be given a value from 3 to 15. Value 15 indicates the condition of a person in full awareness, while value 3 indicates a coma. The mild head injury occurs when the GCS is worth 13-15.

An examination with a CT scan or MRI of the head can be done by a doctor to see how severe the head injury is.

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