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Types of diets, choose your natural healthy diet!

Types of diets, choose your natural healthy diet!

Maybe you are looking for various types of natural healthy diet that circulates on the internet, one of them is Mince Au Réveil. Indeed there are many ways, but be careful also with the side effects and whether the diet matches your body. Here are some examples of famous diets that you might want to try:

1. Paleo Diet
Have you ever heard of this diet? The essence of a healthy diet is that you can only eat natural foods like cavemen in prehistoric times. The intended food such as:

Lean Meat
Vegetable oil

And for foods to avoid such as sugar, sweet potatoes, salt, cereal seeds, dairy products, potatoes, and processed foods/drinks. Side effects? Can get bored quickly because the food feels bland, you can get insufficient calcium and carbohydrate intake, and it’s certainly expensive because you have to buy organic food.

2. Diet 5: 2
This diet only allows us to eat for 5 days a week, while the next 2 days are required to fast! According to several studies, this diet is said to reduce the risk of deadly diseases such as type 2 diabetes, can increase your lifespan, protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, reduce the risk of breast cancer and associated obesity, and improve cognitive function. Side effects during fasting can be easily dizzy, dehydrated, bad breath, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and insomnia.

3. Diet Dukan
This diet is more stressful for us to consume foods low in fat, low in carbohydrates, and high in protein. This diet is intentionally designed so you don’t feel hungry easily. You can choose around 100 foods (28 from vegetable sources and 72 from different animal sources) and may consume them as you like you. ALWAYS keep taking out of the 100 permitted foods. Side effects, body weight can go down due to loss of muscle mass and fluid in the body. In addition, you can experience bad breath, constipation, malnutrition, dry mouth, fatigue, until liver or kidney damage.

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