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How to Play the Battleship Game

How to Play the Battleship Game

Warships or battleship has been a popular game for generations. It has become one of the most favorite kinds of entertainment that everyone can do in their free time. The game, originally played with paper and ballpoint pens, has inspired a variety of board games, electronic handheld devices, computer games, even movies. Even after all the changes have happened to the version and the rules, the game is still pretty easy to play with graph paper and ballpoint pens. Here the steps to play the battleship game that you can try to do to entertain you together with your friends and family.

First, you need to give each player a box of warships. The standard set of warships is made up of two boxes, one for each player. Each box has two diagrams, each on its inner surface. The game set will be difficult to use if it does not have two boxes, red and white pawns in large quantities, and at least six ships. Try playing with graph paper as described below, or find an online version of this game.

Then, you need to make sure all the ships are complete. These ships vary in length and spend varying amounts of boxes on their diagrams. Both players must have the same ships. Here is a list of ships generally, but if you do not have all these ships, just make sure both players are well balanced:

– A five-box vessel (air transport ship)
– A four-box ship (warship)
– Two three-box vessels (sailboats and submarines)
– A ship along two boxes (crusher)

Each player must arrange his ship in secret. With the open box position and the player sitting opposite, each player must put his ship on the diagram in front of him. Follow the following rules to determine the position of your ship’s placement:
– Ships may be put either vertically or horizontally, but cannot be diagonal.
– You have to put the five ships on the diagram.
– All vessels must really be on the diagram. There should be no ships hanging on the fringe of the board.
– Ships should not be in mutually intersecting positions.
– Once your ships are deployed and the game starts, you can not move your ship again.

After that, you can start to play the exciting game.

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