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Lucky Travelers In Romania Witnessed The Largest 3D Video Mapping Show In The World

Video mapping is a trending marketing video content today. As a marketing media, it is not intrusive or disturbing, but it is actually very beautiful and artistic at the same time. That’s why there are a lot of companies which are using Video or 3D Projection Mapping to promote their products, services, or simply to hold big events. However, an amazing thing which is related to this amazing visual effect media happened in Romania, back in 2016.

Some travelers who have visited Romania may have had the opportunity to see the world’s largest 3D Video Mapping. The show is staged over an area of 23 thousand square meters! It has been performed in Romania, on Saturday, September 24th, 2016.


The largest 3D video mapping show in the world is held in the second largest government building in the world in the city of Bukarest. The event, called iMapp Bucharest, uses 104 projectors and 23,000 square meters of projection surface which is the front of the parliament building.

This event was held to commemorate the 555th anniversary of the city of Bucharest. This attraction features 3D relief projections and works of art from light illumination technology masters in the world.

Three-dimensional complex relief applies light technology in which color and sound are combined to make optical illusions like they seem real. The show attracted the attention of 60,000 visitors in Bucharest who spent the night watching this show while capturing this rare moment in photos and videos.

iMapp itself is an international video mapping competition in which the third edition is followed by six world video mapping artists, namely: Romera Diseno e Infografia (Spain), Mindscape Studio (Romania), LimeLight (Hungary), Illuminarium 3000 (Russia), Filip Roca ( Montenegro), and VOID (Turkey). The winner is determined based on the number of incoming messages.

Video mapping requires complex 3D images, shapes, and colors that animate building area, using every architectural element to adjust and interpret giant construction fields. Thus, relief of buildings comes alive with a combination of sound, color, and dynamic light.

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