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Do You Want To Score Your Leads?

Do You Want To Score Your Leads?

Scoring leads are a way to prioritize a lead, measure the quality of a Lead and determine the action needed for a Lead. The lead can be measured by an indicator called fit and interest. You may have heard, some companies also use terms such as lead A, B, C, or Cold, Warm, and Hot. Do you want to Buy Leads For Real Estate Investors? The leads seem like important things for any type of business.


The first thing that happens when conversion leads is the exchange of information or value where the Lead gives us contact for information or other values that can solve their problems. And often they haven’t even analyzed your brand/company and how you can help them.

One category of Lead that can be used to determine the quality of a lead is an information qualified lead (IQL). At this stage you can create Funnel with a thank you page after they give their E-mails and contacts. With the help of a Marketing Automation platform that has been widely circulated you can also provide a direct download link in the thank you page, then send a Welcome email or follow-up that can also contain a download link or verify the subscription. And all of that can be done automatically.

A few days later make sure they also get a follow-up email about what they have downloaded. Some similar emails can also be sent several times. And every interaction that has been triggered since the first time they downloaded (Thank You Pages, Emails, etc.) the IQL is also directly invited to recognize your company and how your company can help it in solving problems related to the topics they have downloaded.

The attraction to maximize Leads at this stage is to create content such as free webinars, case studies, free samples, product spec sheets and catalogs that can be categorized as Lead magnets. At this stage, most IQLs will retrieve all the information they need and not continue to the next stage.

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