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The dark life of K-POP stars in Korea

The Koran music has become more and more popular these days. Their good looks, catchy music, and dazzling video clips have charmed so many teenagers, boys and girls alike from around the world. There are so many people who are willing to queue for hours, just to get a ticket to watch their idol’s concert. However, behind this glittering lights of K-POP stages, you might don’t know that the lives of the K-POP stars sometimes can be very dark and disturbing. The world of Entertainment can be very cruel, especially for the stars who are solely depending on it as the source of their income.

The young and talented people are coming into the audition to fulfill their dream. Unfortunately, aside from the harsh audition, once they’ve been accepted, the reality can be darker than it looks. If the company thinks that their looks aren’t good enough, they will be asked to change their appearance by plastic surgery. Although for most South-Korean people this is considered as great, however, for many people in other countries, the plastic surgery can be considered extreme or even taboo. Furthermore, the failure of plastic surgery can be very devastating, that someone can really lose his or her good looks and will no longer be able to appear in front of the public.

Furthermore, the companies in the music industries are often ordering their stars to do the strict diet as well. Sometimes the reason can be very simple, such as the waist of the artist is a bit too wide, her legs are too chubby, and also just to get a slightly leaner body. However, despite the suffering of the K-POP stars, most of them will still do their best in order to survive in the business. After all, it has been their dreams for years so they will do anything they can in order to satisfy their fans. Just make sure you’re not following their painful methods to get the good looks, especially if you’re not planning to become one of them.

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