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About Me

Welcome to Green Anarchist blog! This is a place where you will get a lot of information.

Hi, my name is Marta T Beltz and this is my blog. My hobby is writing and searching a lot of information over the internet. That’s why I want to write something useful because people will surely find information via the internet. Writing is one of my daily activities, so I have no trouble creating an article.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here I will tell briefly what is on Green Anarchist blog. This blog provides information that is often encountered in everyday life. But these things you probably will not find in your country, so you can make additional science. I really like to write with the theme of entertainment, because it can entertain me and others. Many things can be explored with entertainment themes, so this makes it easier for me to write. But you will not just find entertainment articles only. I write articles with other themes. One of them is a lifestyle. I write about sports that can be done every day consistently.

There are five categories I write. They are a lifestyle, entertainment, health, technology, business, and finance. I know it’s not easy to write these five categories, that’s why I’m still learning. Especially so that my writing can be enjoyed by many people. I want my writing useful for others. That way, I did not waste the idea to assemble it into one article.

Please note that these blog comments are deliberately turned off. That is, here there is only one-way communication. If you want to convey things related to the contents of the blog, you can contact me via contact us. After that, we can discuss through e-mail. This aims to avoid any negative comments in blogs that make others uncomfortable. Happy reading this blog!