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Why Men Love Soccer

Why Men Love Soccer

The beautiful game “is a designation attributed by fans to this favorite sport. Football is often said to be the most popular sport in the universe, which makes many guys fall in love. Those who really love the sport have indeed received the ‘guidance’ from the Football Gods who are revealed by Pele, Maradona, Messi or Ronaldo. When you ask why men like soccer when it talking about Olahraga, most men may simply answer soccer although there are so many types of sports competition in the world.

Well, everyone has their own tastes and opinions about their favorite sports. If so, this is our opinion, the football enthusiasts, why do we love this sport so much.

1. Why Do We like Ball? Because Football is the Universal Language

To start chatting with fellow boys, soccer is a light topic and can melt the atmosphere. In addition, this sport is also popular almost all over the world. So when you’re confused about what to say about the Caucasian guy you met on the beach, just talk about the soccer game that was broadcasted last night. Most likely he will understand.

2. Football Is a Sport that Makes Sense

One shot from open play on the basketball court can be counted 2-3 points on the scoreboard. A touchdown counted 6-8 points at American football. Tennis is more complicated using 15, 30 and 40 counting systems to win one game. In football 1 goal equals 1 number on the scoreboard. It makes sense and guys like things that make sense.

3. Clubs that make us fall in love

Regardless of the argument of who is the greatest Pele or Maradona and who is richer Messi or Ronaldo, the main reason soccer fans love this sport is his love for a particular team/club. David Beckham is cool but that does not necessarily make fans (true) Manchester United follow-up latah support Real Madrid.

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