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Why Bowstring Snap

Why Bowstring Snap

One of the most common accidents in modern archery is the compound bowstrings snap. The main reason why such an accident happened had to do with what the strings are made of. Every bowstring made of fibers. Hundred years ago the fiber used to make traditional bowstring is sinew or mainly natural fiber. In modern days, the strings made for a compound bow made of synthetic fiber that has a wider variety than the traditional one. However, whether it is the modern or traditional one, all type of fibers going to break. This happens because they are losing their strength gradually whenever you draw an arrow with the string. With every force, you apply to the string you also create friction on the strands when they rub against another. This will then lead to fraying of the strands. And when it starts drying out and fray, the string will break eventually. This why waxing your bowstring is really necessary to avoid an accident that may cause harm.

There are so many types of wax for your bowstring but you have to be really careful before you decide to purchase it. The scented wax is probably a great idea but you might want to choose the one without a very strong smell. When you draw your string to fire an arrow, your string will be near your nose and a strong smell might make you lose your concentration. And you might miss your target just because you choose a wrong bowstring wax. If you practice target shooting in archery, one thing that you need is focussing so you could hit the target and a strong smell from your wax might prevent you to gain a focus. You could always choose the unscented wax because it will help you maintain your bowstring just fine. However, any waxes you use for your sting make sure you apply it regularly to avoid bowstring snap accident.

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