For those of you who have never heard of what it is Search Engine Optimization (abbreviated to SEO), or have never heard of but are not familiar, here is the understanding what is my own version of SEO. “SEO is a technique of raising a website or blog ranking up to page 1 of search engines (like Yahoo, Bing, and especially Google) for the desired keyword (keyword).
Understanding SEO can also be read on Wikipedia in the SEO >> but the explanation is somewhat complicated for those who still lay. Meanwhile, you can also check out Cheap domain registration if you are looking for a way to have a good name for your website.

Then, What is Keyword?

Keyword or keyword is a word or phrase typed in Google’s search field when we want to search something in the search engine.

Well, if you want to do SEO your website, it is important to know in advance what keywords you want to shoot, so that when someone searches for these keywords your website can appear on page 1 search engine.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Business?
Because now more and more people are looking for goods, services, or information through Google.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your website appears on page 1 of Google when someone is looking for the type of product or service you offer. Moreover, usually people who are looking to use Google are those who are in need or urgent, so you can get potential buyers from there.

Another advantage, you do not have to bother looking for customers, but customers are looking for you. Your website can be a powerful 7 x 24-hour sales-machine, even while you’re sleeping.

Effective is not it?

How to Do SEO?

Here are the most basic SEO techniques to boost your website ranking in Google:


Link Building

Creating Relevant Website Content

Creating an Easy Website Structure In Google’s crawl


Creating copied content on your website (make sure at least it’s edited)

Engage in link farm schemes

Overwhelm your website with keyword overload (keyword stuffing)

Outsmart Google spiders with cloaking and doorway techniques

And the tricks that outsmart other Google (black hat SEO)

At least that’s the basic knowledge you need to learn and
apply in SEO. Details of each of these techniques will be discussed later on. Hopefully this article useful for you who still lay in understanding what SEO is.