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Ways To Make The Mouse Go From Your Home

Ways To Make The Mouse Go From Your Home

Mouses come to your home to look for food and will stay there if they feel comfortable and fulfilled their needs. So the key to getting rid of it is not to provide food that can be reached by mouse and make it not feel at home. Here are some powerful ways to rodent control 

– Traps and mouse poison
This method is not a favorite of most people because you have to deal with mouses that are trapped or dead, or worse you can not find the dead mouse but can smell the stench. Toxins are not highly recommended because they can be harmful to the inhabitants of the house, while a mouse trap makes you deal directly with the mouse. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap carefully if not accidentally touch the mouse or dirt.

– Avoid the shrubs sticking to the outer walls of the house. The shrubs can be an ideal hide-out for the mouse. Therefore, keep the plants away from the outer walls of the house.

In addition to the above tips, there is another way of easy, cheap, not too sadistic, and environmentally friendly to repel mouse, namely by exploiting the odor that is not preferred by mouses.

– Mint scent. Plant a mint around the house or spray a mint oil solution where a mouse might visit. The aroma is fresh from the house as well as powerful enough to block mouses.

– Camphor. Destroy a few camphor and spread it in places of mouses prone in the house. Remember that these ingredients contain toxins, so be sure to place them only in locations that children, pets, and away from food do not have.

– Fruit to repel mouse. When the season of noni fruit or durian, put some pieces of noni fruit or durian seeds in the usual place passed by mouses. mouse does not like the sharp aroma of these two pieces. Replace pieces of fruit or seed durian with a new one if it is dry and no smell anymore.

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