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Use of Asbestos and Hazards For Health

Use of Asbestos and Hazards For Health

The use of asbestos may be a very appropriate use for the roof and some parts of your house. because asbestos is considered a strong and durable material. Of the many benefits of asbestos, there are some diseases that you should avoid because of the use of asbestos. The existence of services from Asbestos Removed Melbourne will greatly assist you in reducing the various diseases that can occur due to the particles from the asbestos.

There are dozens of factories made from asbestos, thousands of workers working in the asbestos industry and the millions of citizens who wear them. As many as that are also estimated to be exposed to health risks due to the asbestos they use. These raw materials which are known as cheap, fire resistant and strong and strong are used as roofing materials, cement, brake linings, to textiles. The highest consumer ratings of asbestos use are China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Kazakhstan. These ten countries consume a total of 95 percent of asbestos worldwide.

However, there are now many countries that prohibit the use of asbestos, especially in developed countries. After Canada closed its mine and stopped exporting asbestos, followed by Brazil which immediately stopped producing and banning the use of asbestos, it is only Russia’s largest asbestos producer in the world.
In Russia alone, Russia reduced its use of asbestos by 91 percent, while production declined 41 percent from 1.1 million metric tons in 2015 to 645 thousand metric tons in 2016.

All of these countries stop or reduce the use of asbestos not without reason, the main reason is that of the disease caused by the asbestos that cannot be dammed by them. There were 38,400 deaths due to mesotheliomas. 90 percent of the cause of the disease is due to exposure to asbestos in the long term, 10-20 years.
If added together with various diseases that can occur due to asbestos, many countries choose to prohibit their citizens to use asbestos as the main ingredient in their roof.

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