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Transfer Procedure to Apartment

Transfer Procedure to Apartment

What is on your mind when you hear the word ‘transfer’? Moving can be something that is pleasing to some people but also something that some people don’t like. Moving between homes is very easy and flexible because there is no management team or manager of them. Whereas the transfer to the apartment is far different from the one to the house because there is management managing the building and all transfers must have permission from management. To carry your belongings, entrust to moving company.

However the reaction of people to the move, the transfer of something that is not easy to do and needs a lot of things that must be considered & taken care of, especially when moving to a place, then buying or renting an apartment. Every regulation from the apartment and management is different, but all require residents to ask permission and book elevators at certain hours so that they can be used to move occupants from the Lobby floor to the desired floor.

The lifts that are used in each building are different, and not all buildings have ‘special lifts’. Some buildings that do not have elevators like this usually will use a normal elevator but will be given protection so that the moving goods do not damage the glass or walls in the elevator. The request to use an elevator is usually around 1-2 hours, depending on needs.

In addition, what must be considered is also a place to lower items, whether from parking or apartment lobbying, it must also be considered. Again, the rules for each apartment are different depending on the management, but some buildings have a place or floor specifically for residents to lower or increase their moving items.

Apartments that have a special place to pick up and drop these items usually do not need to be booked because they will not disturb other residents. If the apartment building does not have a special place like this, usually the main lobby is used to raise the goods down and there must be an apartment management permit so as not to disturb the other occupants.

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