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Tips to Find out the Best 3D Printer

Tips to Find out the Best 3D Printer

Do you plan to buy a 3dprinter? If you then simply answer yes, you can start to do the research in order to know which product is good for you/ There are many choices of 3D printer specifications on the market today and this certainly requires more research. To help you decide which 3D printer is right, there are things you need to consider before buying a 3D printer.

1. Pay attention to the types of 3D printers

There are several types of 3D printers, namely:

a. Fused Deposition Modeling
FDM is known as an additive process, which is made by heating and extruding plastic, combining layer by layer. This type of printer is the most widely used by industry.

b. Stereolithography
Stereolithography also uses an additive process but instead of extruding plastic, the process in this printer uses ultraviolet light to harden the model from a pool of photosensitive liquids. This process will allow higher print quality. The price of this printer is more expensive than FDM.

c. Selective Laser Sintering
This machine is similar to stereolithography, except that the process involves lasers and powder, rather than UV light. The laser gets used for melting the powder, creating a layer of printed material. This makes it possible to print metal objects, which are not possible in the other two processes.

2. Price

For professional 3D printers, the price can reach tens of millions. This price must be considered and adjusted to your needs. If you are new to the 3D printing industry, you can try 3D printers at a price of millions.

3. The material used for printing
Two materials used to print on 3D printers are Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Poly Lactic Acid. both are thermoplastics that will be soft and easy to form when heated, frozen when getting cooled. This material is sold in the form of filaments.

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