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Tips for getting the first rank on Google

Tips for getting the first rank on Google

What is the right strategy to be the first rank on our blog?
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Here’s what I can explain to you:

1. Articles: keep the written articles completely read back before publication. Sort the sentence with the right keyword structure (located at the beginning of the paragraph, middle, and last sentence with the keyword density percentage at maximum 8%). Articles that we write must also be unique, at least 90% unique because Google has distinguished what is copy-paste or plagiarism and which are not.

Articles written also at least 300 words, not too little and not too much. Maximum 750 words if possible. The keywords used should also be really relevant to the topic of the existing article, not to spam!

2. Promotion: the more you promote the articles from your blog, the greater the likelihood that they will rank first in Google search results. In addition to attracting extra visitors to your blog, the promotion also establishes your personal branding as the author and owner of the blog, also allows you to easily earn money from your blog.

3. Rearrange your blog design, such as the use of ads, scripts/flash media, and subtract also the number of widgets that are not really needed. Google also ranked blogs from the speed of loading the blog. The faster loading a blog when opened then the more likes the visitors and Google robots when indexing our blog.

As much as possible use the ‘related articles’ feature at the end of the article you write. Also, provide social media buttons so that visitors more easily share the article through social media. This will help lower the bounce rate so as to speed up your articles listed in top Google rankings.

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