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Tips for Facebook Live on PC

Tips for Facebook Live on PC

One feature of Facebook that is quite popular this time is Facebook Live, which is to broadcast live (live streaming) from the Facebook application on the mobile. However, do you know Facebook Live can also be done via a desktop PC? Not only that, you can even broadcast games that are being played on a PC via Facebook like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. You can even use Live Stream service to experience the best moment during live streaming.

However, to do live streaming via PC to Facebook is not as easy as doing live streaming using a cellphone. There are several things that need to be prepared, but technically not too complicated. Here’s how to do live streaming on Facebook via PC:

1. Prepare a Facebook Page

Unfortunately, Facebook only allows you to stream live through Page, not from your personal account homepage as can be done via smartphone. Making Page on Facebook is very easy, just visit the creation page and follow the instructions.

2. Download and install the software

You can choose free software to use to do live streaming on a PC. Besides Facebook, OBS Studio also supports other streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch.

3. Get the KeyStream

After the OBS Studio is installed, the next step is to get the Key Stream from Facebook. The Stream Key can be obtained from the Page settings page on Facebook. At the top of the Facebook Page there is the Publishing Tools section, then click the Videos menu on the left. After selecting the + Live menu, you will get a Key Stream. In this section, you can also set live streaming titles and other information.

4. Connect the software with Facebook

After you enter the live streaming information that you will do on Facebook, you must now make settings in the software. Select the Settings menu then select the Stream menu in the software. Next, select Facebook Live in the Service section and enter the Stream Key that you have obtained before.

5. Start live streaming

If the settings have been made, you can add video sources that will be displayed on Facebook Live. The video source can be presented through the video source section in the software. Video sources can come from the webcam to the desktop display.

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