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Tips For Cleaning The Floor Without Damaging Your Ceramic

Tips For Cleaning The Floor Without Damaging Your Ceramic

It is important for you to make sure that dirt does not accumulate on the floor because dirt stacks can easily swipe the floor surface. Sweeping or sucking dirt is usually the regular way to clean the floor. Mopping at least once a week can also remove dirt and dust. For more stubborn stains, wipe the floor with a damp cloth using warm water and white-dish cleaning liquid also works well, especially on oily floors. After cleaning, rinse and brush the entire area with clean water to remove the entire cleaning solution residue. Then dry with a microfiber cleaning cloth or used towel. Aside from that, call the professional tile cleaning sydney if you want to hire experts for cleaning your carpets quickly and effectively.

Don’t forget grout lines

Nat can be a place for dirt, stains, and fat to hide. The dirty grout line makes the whole floor look dirty. Temporarily leave cleaning fluid, just use baking soda and water. Use the grout line using a toothbrush, then leave it overnight. Rub the stain with a stiff nylon brush (a metal brush can damage the grout line and scratch the ceramic). Let the grout dry, then use silicone-based grout sealer to clean the stain later.

Fix the cracks (If there’s any)

Buy a scratch repair kit at any ceramic supplier or hardware store. You can also use paint or clear epoxy to cover the crack. Clean the cracked part with soapy water then dry the ceramics, with a hair dryer. Using a small paint brush, just use the thin layer of oil-based primer on the cracked part and let it dry for a minimum of two hours. Next, by using light strokes, paint only thin oil-based paint that matches the color of the ceramic in the crack section. After drying, use enough clear epoxy to cover the cracked part and flatten it with other ceramic parts. Protect the area from passing footsteps for at least two hours. Extra protection Place protective pads under heavy furniture to avoid damage to your ceramics. Place the floor mat on the entrance area – as a trap of dirt, sand, and oil. To reduce tile wear, place the mat on the traffic area, such as in front of the bathroom, kitchen sink, and stove.

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