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Tips for cleaning the dust in your house

Tips for cleaning the dust in your house

A duster is a simple tool that can help you get rid of dust at home. Every home needs to have at least one duster. There are several types of dusters based material, such as chicken feather duster, microfiber duster, and a duster electrically. Microfiber dust is made of tassel of microfiber cloth that effectively attracts dust. While electric docks have a stronger power to attract dust particles. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the best backpack vacuum in the market.

The following steps should be done at least once a week to maintain a healthy, allergenic-free home environment. Always start getting rid of the dust on the high parts-for example, on cabinets, ceiling fans, painting frame-advance so that the dirt falls into a lower surface that has not been cleaned.

For cabinets, sideboard, and other hard surfaces, damp cloth is more effective in attracting dust than dry cloth that only removes dust. Alternatively, use a chicken feather duster or cassowary that has better dust appeal. The magnetic power of the feather duster draws dust without spreading it back into the air.

For walls, use a dry sponge to get rid of dust. Dengue microfiber can also be used to reach the upper wall. While the microfiber cloth and wood cleaning products can be used to wipe the trim wood that limits the walls and floors.

For curtains and sofa or seat cushions, use a medium-strength vacuum cleaner and a hairy tip.

For hard-to-reach areas or computer equipment, use an electric duster or air sprayer to blow out the dust out of the narrow parts. If the electrical dock is not available, just use a feather duster.

For carpets, vacuum cleaners can be relied upon to suck dust between carpet fibers. Sucking dust on the carpet or floor should be done as a final step so that no more dust falls on it.

For the floor, mop with a dry mop. This method is more effective than sweeping dust because the dust can spread again when swept. Mop the floor after wiping the dust as usual if your flooring material can be mopped.

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