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This Is What You Must Do Before Snorkeling

This Is What You Must Do Before Snorkeling

Swim with whale sharks is one type of tour that is both exciting and fun. How come? During swimming, you will be accompanied by whale sharks. You will not be released alone, there are professionals who will take care of your security with whale sharks. If you don’t want to swim, then you can watch it from the cruise while enjoying the pleasant sea atmosphere.

But for those of you who choose to swim, at least you have to master swimming techniques. In this tour activity, you have to swim with a snorkel to see whale sharks closer. For those of you who are still crazy about snorkeling, don’t worry. We will give tips for staying safe while in the water:

– Use comfortable clothes
Better to use swimsuits. If you can’t stand the cold, you can use a wetsuit. If you intend to make underwater photos, choose swimwear with bright colors. It’s better to first remove the jewelry you are using. For those of you who have long hair, you should tie your hair so it doesn’t bother when in the water.

– Pay attention to body position
Snorkeling is basically floating in the water. So, the most appropriate position of the body is the head down rather than looking forward. This head down position will help keep the body floating. You also don’t need to move your hands and feet unless you want to move locations. By using a float, you will also automatically float.

– Clean the mask and snorkel
The mask may be slightly dewy when you use it. If the mask is dewy, clean the dew by adding a little water to the mask and shaking the water on the glass mask. After the mask is clean, remove the water by pressing on the top of the mask. if sea water enters a snorkel, you don’t need to panic. You also don’t need to get out of the water. Take a deep breath, then exhale strongly with your mouth so that the water comes out of the snorkel funnel because of the air push. After that, you can just breathe normally again.

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