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Things you must know when you’re selling mobile credits

Things you must know when you’re selling mobile credits

Give discounts to loyal customers: In return, tell him to review your credit services posted through his social media account. After some time going through your credit business you certainly already have customers. Use your customer to review your credit services posted on his social media account. In return, you can cut the price of the credit from what he normally buys. The purpose of this marketing method is for people to know more than you are selling credit. Apart from that, visit temukan lebih banyak if you want to try turning your cellular credits into money.

Besides that, by giving a review such as:

Will make people who see the review feel more confident to buy credit on you because there are people who prove the quality of service to buy credit that you provide. The marketing method is called a testimonial message which essentially promotes a product or service that you offer through the experience of others.

In addition, do not give credit to other people indiscriminately: Your business will not develop if many irregular customers pay. You may just give credit to people who can be trusted to pay. Many credit businesses that are carried out and give loans to people carelessly proved to be out of business. Usually, things like this are experienced by students who open a credit business and let their friends owe.

For this reason, as a business owner, you must firmly give limits to who is allowed and not to be indebted. Also, give payment deadlines, do not let you instead play capital because there are people who are not disciplined to pay. Ideally, the payment time starting from the top up is 24 hours.

Finally, record all the income and expenses incurred in your business: With a disciplined note you will know exactly how much profit is earned. Having a small business sometimes makes people underestimate the role of bookkeeping, even though if as a business owner you do not really know how much your profit is, then you will have difficulty developing the business.

Don’t let the thought that small businesses don’t need bookkeeping, so you don’t train yourself in bookkeeping. Take notes from now so that you already have this habit as the business grows.

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