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Things To Consider When Choosing The Vape

Things To Consider When Choosing The Vape

Electric cigarette trends have begun to mushroom in Indonesia, even young people’s hangout places are now familiar with the smoke that is rising from vape. In contrast to cigarette smoke that is unpleasant when inhaled and musty, the smoke produced by vape is smoother and smells various. Where will you go when it comes to finding out Vape Shop Birmingham?

For active smokers and people who are curious to try vape, there are several things that must be considered before buying the vape. These considerations can be used as brief information before searching for and choosing vape that suits you. Well, without stretching again, let’s see the following explanation:

1. Budget

The price of vape or electronic cigarette is indeed far more expensive than the price of conventional cigarettes. Even the price of a vape can reach millions of rupiah, especially for a vape that is intended for professionals or for those who want to get satisfaction when vaping. Prices determine quality, even though many vapors are ready to boast the affordable one, most users are not satisfied with the specifications.

2. Type

Vape has two main types, mechanical mod, and electrical mod. For this type of mechanical mod, it can be seen from its cigar-like shape, this type of vape uses a bypass system directly from the battery to the atomizer. Whereas for the type of electrical mod has a body that is larger than the atomizer, the electrical system is not directly but through a series of electronic circuits first.

When viewed in terms of security, vape with the type of electrical mod is seen as safer than a mechanical mod. This can be seen from the number of exploding vape tragedies that occur on vape mod mechanical models. This event also cannot be used as an excuse that a safe electrical mod. Basically, vape explodes due to overheating of the battery due to excessive use.

3. Health

If you say vape can be used as a tool to try to stop smoking, it is true. I myself, who is an active smoker, slowly stops smoking because the taste of conventional cigarettes is not good. Is vape healthier than cigarettes?

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