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Things About Diamond That Many People Don’t Know

Things About Diamond That Many People Don’t Know

Anyone who sees the beauty of diamonds will surely fall in love and want to have it. In fact, there is a saying that “diamonds are a female friend”. However, do you know how the diamond is formed, why is it so prized, and why is it expensive? Here we present various information about diamonds that you may not know about that will also make you have the interest of buying diamond jewelry.

– Origin of Diamond formation

Diamonds are formed from carbon coming from volcanoes that are hundreds of meters below the earth’s surface with very high temperatures or temperatures. The diamond stone is then carried to the surface of the earth through volcanic eruptions. The process of rising diamonds to the surface of the earth itself requires a very long time, which is about 1-3 billion years.

Diamond is one type of gemstone that is very strong and hard with a unit of a hardness of 10 Mohz. The name of the diamond is taken from ancient Greek, which means “invincible”.

– Difference between Diamond & Diamond Stones

Many people suspect that diamonds and diamonds are different types of rocks. In fact, diamond is a designation in the Indonesian language for a raw diamond or diamond that has not been processed into various shapes or still in the form of chunks of stone.

Intan also comes naturally and artificially. Same with diamonds, diamonds are also present in various qualities. Generally, after being mined, the raw diamond will be separated, between high and low-quality diamonds. High-quality diamonds will be separated to be shaped and cut into jewelry. Whereas low-quality raw diamonds will usually be used in industry because of their physical properties.

– Conflict-free diamonds

Another thing you need to know about diamonds and most often is whether the diamond is conflict-free or not. Conflict diamond is a diamond that comes from the black market or black market for later sale. The results of the sale of diamonds are to finance terrorism and civil war activities. Conflict diamond sales usually cause human suffering or bloodshed. So it’s good to know whether the diamond is conflict-free or not.

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