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These Are Types Of Tiles That You Must Know

These Are Types Of Tiles That You Must Know

In general, the base material of the tile is made of clay, but there are several types of tiles that have better specifications using silica sand, kaolin or natural stone fragments. Additionally, you may call the trusted tile cleaning north shore when your tiles become very dirty and sticky home page.

The following are tile types:

Ceramic Tiles

For the general public, of course, you are familiar with this one tile. This ceramic tile is the tile most often used in homes and the price is relatively affordable. These tiles are often used for installation on the floors and walls of houses, especially for walls in the kitchen or on the outside of the house. But you certainly want to know, why are ceramic tiles the most popular tiles? The answer, this tile has a fairly strong surface. In addition, this tile is very easy to clean, making it suitable for indoor use. This tile is also relatively durable and durable, provided it is treated appropriately.

Granite Tiles

In addition to ceramics, granite tiles are also often encountered in homes. This type of tile does have more advantages than ordinary ceramic tiles. In granite tiles, the surface usually tends to be more rough and hard. Another advantage of this granite tile is that the surface is quite waterproof/impenetrable. In fact, some granite tiles can stand in very cold air without freezing/making ice sheets. For this reason, this type of tile is very suitable to be placed anywhere, both for indoor and outdoor use. Not infrequently, this tile is also used in the bathroom. Another advantage, granite tiles are usually produced in large sizes.

Mosaic Tiles

This mosaic tile is one of the most targeted tiles, mainly because of the beautiful patterns on the surface. Mosaic tiles are usually made in combination between several tiles that are joined together. Sometimes, these tiles also explore the use of other materials, such as glass or other natural rocks. In fact, sometimes some unusual materials such as stainless steel or clamshells are also combined to make a mosaic tile. This mosaic tile is indeed quite special and is usually made not for use on the floor, but on the wall of the house as one of the decorative elements in the room.


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