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These Are Things That Make Your AC Less Cold

These Are Things That Make Your AC Less Cold

The use of AC that is not suitable can cause the AC performance to not operate properly, as a result, the AC becomes cold When it happens you may call the best aircon service to fix your AC.

These are a number of factors or the cause of the AC is no longer cold:


AC Specialists always say that AC maintenance is very important to do. Air conditioning that is too dirty will cause air circulation to become smooth or not due to dirt. The dust or dirt that clings to the wind blows from the fan, can even damage the function of other components. Therefore it is better to clean the AC as much as 1 time in 3 months. Another way to clean the air conditioner is only to wash the AC filter at least 2 times a week. That way the AC will still work well

Reduced freon gas

If the freon gas in the air conditioner decreases, the air conditioner will not cool anymore. The optimal pressure for AC is 0.5 PK is 70 psi. We have to check the freon gas pressure regularly. However, if the freon gas is reduced in considerable amounts, this indicates an error when installing the AC.

The fan or fan does not rotate

The cause of the air conditioner is not the next cold is the fan that does not rotate. We can see this symptom from a good fan rotation in indoor or outdoor. If the fan does not rotate as usual it means there is damage. Usually, this is indicated by the AC turning on the flashing light or the AC will stop working. If this happens, it’s a good idea to go to AC retailers and buy a new fan motor.

Incorrect installation

If the AC Contractor installs the air conditioner properly and correctly, there will be no leak in the freon. Therefore it is recommended that we can choose AC technicians who are qualified and have good skills. So that things like AC leakage do not occur and do not harm us. In addition, the installation of an incorrect AC will cause electricity to become more wasteful, and the costs we incur will be even greater.

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