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These Are Some Rules In Golf That Beginners Should Know

These Are Some Rules In Golf That Beginners Should Know

Everyone who often plays golf certainly knows the various rules in the sport. however, for those who have just started this sport, of course, it will be very difficult to understand every rule in this one sport titleist. For that, you must understand the rules before playing golf. You also have to choose the right golf course, one of which you can choose is pattaya golf.

Some rules for playing golf that you should know, especially for beginners will be explained below.

1. Rules before playing
– Players must prepare to hit according to their turn and need to prepare golf equipment for beginners or professionals depending on your flight hours. And the equipment includes; ball, gloves, club, and also tee so that the tempo of the game is faster.
– Take a standing position and relax, but make sure that your position does not cover the line of sight of other players.
– Turning off the cellphone is a necessity so as not to disturb your concentration and friends when playing.

2. When playing
– The player who blows the ball farthest from the hole can play first after the tee-off is done.
– When doing divots, you should put the rest of the divots back while also repairing blow marks on the bunkers as well as the former balls in the green area.
– Don’t take a standing position on the line of other players who are in the middle of putting and continue to watch the next tee position while leaving the club next to the green when in the green area.
– The ball doesn’t matter not in the putt when in match play where it generally occurs when the ball is in the hole area.

3. Penalty rule
– The ball can be considered as being unable to be played by players in the field in any position. The player is required to take a one-shot penalty in order to play the ball. In this one punch penalty, the player needs to play the ball from the position of the ball the last time the player played.
– Players may clean, lift, and also change the ball when getting a penalty.

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