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The three kinds of thermos

The three kinds of thermos

Hot water flasks are among the most popular among the community because of their ability to maintain hot water temperatures for a long time of about 12 hours, this applies to the type of thermos in which is made of vacuum glass with a tight lid. Usually, mothers will boil water until boiling first and then put into this thermos, the thermos is useful when we will brew tea or coffee water quickly without having to wait to boil the water first because it was prepared before. In the meantime, you may want to check out the best thermos for food as well.

Tips on choosing a thermos of hot water:

Avoid buying a thermos in which using plastic or metal material because the material can not long maintain the temperature of water in it

do not buy a thermos made of 100% metal because the metal material will absorb the temperature of the hot water so that the water temperature inside will quickly go down.

Choose a thermos that has a tightly sealed lid so that no hot vapor exists in a thermos that can accelerate the drop in the water temperature present in the flask.

Ice flask

This type of flask is used for storing ice or objects that require such cold temperatures.

medical / health equipment. With this flask, the water temperature or ice will be longer the temperature level because there is no contact with the surrounding air.

In the use of materials other than ice usually, these items will be mixed with ice blocks to make the temperature inside the ice-cold flask.

Rice thermos

As the name implies, this type of thermos is specifically used to store rice, usually the type.

This thermos using plastic or aluminum media of a large size. the most thermos of rice using plastic or aluminum material on the inside because the temperature of the rice is not as hot as the temperature of boiling water and storage usually not too long until used to dine.

In everyday use, this thermos is usually used by rice stalls, restaurants, or at parties.

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