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The safe way to visit Egypt

The safe way to visit Egypt

The appearance of deserts and pyramids indeed makes tourists more curious to come to Egypt. This barren country is indeed rich with historical objects of Islamic civilization. However, since the revolution that took place in 2011, security conditions in Egypt are uncertain. more help  Tourists are afraid to come. As a result, Egypt’s tourism industry, which sustains state revenues, has become sluggish. Aside from that, you can also try to learn arabic english, if you wish to have the easier time in speaking with the people of the Middle Eastern countries.

Actually, there are many advantages if you don’t worry about coming to Egypt. Flight tickets and hotel rates are still cheap, coupled with the lack of queues at popular tourist objects and attractions.

It’s just to visit there need more extra security preparation.

1. Order an official taxi in a safe place, such as a hotel or government building. If the driver offers a price, half bid. Open the digital map application to find out the price range that is worth paying.

2. Egypt is an Islamic country, so respect its population by not doing things that are considered impolite, such as kissing in public, wearing open clothes or saying inappropriate.

3. Notify the hotel of the activities to be carried out that day. Ask them to contact by telephone if you haven’t arrived at the hotel according to the agreed hour. This is intended to be on guard if in the middle of the trip need immediate assistance.

4. Be careful when crossing the road, because vehicle drivers in Egypt often do not heed traffic rules.

5. Exchange money at official places so as not to be deceived. It’s best to exchange money when you arrive in Egypt because the exchange rate will be much better.

6. Use the services of a trusted tour guide, because there are so many fraudsters who target tourists at tourist attractions.

7. Say ‘la, shukran’ which means ‘no thanks’, if you want to refuse something smoothly, such as from a merchant or beggar.

8. Prepare to be searched by uniformed police, because they do it for state security. But, do not want to if personal items such as passports or visas are requested, unless you may provide a copy.

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