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The paint color of a room affects sleep and sex quality

The paint color of a room affects sleep and sex quality

A study shows that you need to sleep around seven hours to be productive. Did you know, if the bedroom color affects sleep quality to sexual activity? Quoted from a Travelodge hotel site conducted a study of 2000 homes in the UK and found that anyone who slept in a room with blue paint, could sleep soundly for 7 hours and 52 minutes every night. Researchers assume this is because blue is a color associated with calmness, helps reduce blood pressure, and heart rate. Apart from that, you may hire the Painters Brisbane if you want to get your house painted by a team of trusted professionals.

Yellow is the second best, where the occupants of the yellow room can sleep an average of 7 hours and 40 minutes. Followed in green (7 hours and 36 minutes), silver (7 hours and 33 minutes), and orange (7 hours and 28 minutes)

On the other hand, the worst colors for the bedroom are purple (5 hours and 56 minutes), chocolate (6 hours and 5 minutes), and gray (6 hours and 12 minutes).

The study also found several other things, such as:

1. A husband and wife who sleep with caramel-colored decorations have intercourse with an average of three times per week. On the other hand, couples who sleep in red decorations only have relationships once per week.
2. As many as 58% of room owners are blue, wake up feeling happy.
3. As many as 22% of owners of green rooms, wake up excitedly and positively.
4. The owner of the room with Silver decoration, 21% said they were more motivated to exercise in their room.

From here we can know that room color can affect sleep patterns and also your mood when you wake up. Learn more about color therapy and maybe you need to change the color of the bedroom to get quality rest.

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