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The myth in the embroidery business that must be left behind

The myth in the embroidery business that must be left behind

Apparently, in the embroidery business, there are also some myths that people believe and sometimes even prevent the intention of opening a business. Many things already trusted by the layman. So to dispel any myths in the embroidery business that many people know, here will be explained a little reality. In the meantime, perhaps you need to check out a reliable embroidery service website as well.

Must first sew bias to use an embroidery machine

The fact is, to start an embroidery business does not have to really know how to make clothes or even make pillowcases to start a business. Installing the yarn and adjusting the yarn coil is important. In the affairs of the embroidery, the machine is the one who set the fabric, not the other way around.

When installing a hoop, pull the cloth taut like a drum in a ring

In fact, pulling the fabric up to the maximum when placed on a hoop alan damaging the embroidery on the fabric. Embroidery results that have been printed will shrink when the fabric is returned in normal size. The possibility of this damage will be greater, especially when sewing with polyester yarn, the pressure up to and maximal sewing speed. The exception only if embroidery is used on fabric that will be stretched when dressing in the body. If the fabric is stretched when used then the fabric should be pulled maximally when mounted on the hoop.

The thinner the fabric the heavier the stabilizer, the heavier the fabric the lighter the stabilizer

There is no definite rule about this. The choice would depend on the type of fabric stability selected. The fabric used for the T-shirt is thicker than the organza nylon but the shirt is more stretchy and organza is not. Then the stabilizer needed on the organza to make it not slippery when paired on the hoop.

The size of the design and the amount of puncture or pressure affects the stabilizer option as well. Designs that do not affect the fabric much like redwork or applique do not really need such a design that gives a lot of influence.

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