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The Marvelous Benefits of Snail Slime for Beauty

The Marvelous Benefits of Snail Slime for Beauty

In Korea, snails are used as cosmetic ingredients ranging from masks to night cream. Visit Ziampro’s Website to get the best cosmetics. Want to know the reason why a snail can be a cosmetic ingredient? Check out the reviews about its benefits for this beauty.

– Disguise scars
Scarring, especially if it is in the face, certainly can be very disturbing appearance. You who experience this problem must have tried many beauty products just to eliminate it. What about cosmetic products made from mucus snails? You should try it as many claims that if the snail’s mucus is able to disguise the scar. This is due to the content of Copper peptides in mucus snails, which is very good in stimulating the growth of collagen and regenerates skin, so powerful to disguise the scar and clean the spots and acne scars.

– Overcoming chapped lips
Not only disguise the scar, mucus snails can also be used to overcome the broken lips break. Natural content that is able to moisturize and prevent inflammation of the lips can overcome the problem of broken lips.

– Moisturises the skin
In addition to overcoming the broken lips broken, mucus snails can also be used as a moisturizer. That’s because the snail mucus contains Hyaluronic acid, which is excellent in moisturizing the skin, keeping the water content in the skin, and making it look younger and smoother. With regular use, mucus slugs claimed to be dull will gradually feel more moist and smoother.

– Overcoming tired eyes
Stacking work often forces you to sit for hours at your computer. As a result, the eyes become tired and sometimes to form dark circles under the eyes. Eyes with such conditions can certainly affect your appearance. You can handle it with products containing snail mucus. The content of collagen in snail mucus was able to help eliminate panda eyes.

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