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The components of the manual transmission

The components of the manual transmission

Transmission Case or also called the transmission input is one of the components of manual transmission which is later assigned to receive output generated from the clutch unit. In other words, this one component is one part of the manual transmission as a place for all transmission components to remain. Aside from that, you may check out Transmission Repair Arlington TX if you need a reliable transmission repair service for your car.

Furthermore, a fairly important component is the transmission gear or commonly known as the transmission gear. This one component is responsible for changing the input that is presented from the machining system to the torque output where it will leave the transmission that is equivalent or even in accordance with what the vehicle needs.

In addition, there is also a manual transmission component called Synchroniser or adjustment gear where this component is a medium used to complement or assist the transfer of speed when in super high rotation conditions. Of course, with this adjustment gear, it will certainly make the manual transmission performance even lighter.

Gear Shift Lever and Fork Shift are also one component in the manual transmission system. Manual transmission components that are more familiar with the name of the gear shift lever and the transfer fork are very important in the vehicle transmission. Because the function itself is a tool to move or operate the transmission system carried out by the driver.

Reverse Gear is a component that is in the manual transmission system that has the duty to change the direction of the output shaft rotation so that it will make the vehicle go backward if needed. So, because of its function, of course, this one manual transmission component is quite important in its existence.

In addition, there is also the name of the Slave Hub which is a component of manual transmission which has the task of locking adjustments that occur with acceleration gears so that it will greatly allow the output shaft to rotate and stop.

Now, the last manual transmission component is Main Bearing and Shaft Output where for Main Bearings it functions as a bearing of the output shaft. Meanwhile, the output shaft itself has the task of closing the output shaft which is also at the same time as the gear stick holder.

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