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The Choices Of Archery Storage

The Choices Of Archery Storage

Once you get your first bow, you will immediately wonder what to do with it. In addition to archery, questions will usually arise how to save it? What can you do to take care of it? Caring for the arrow tool is not difficult even more if you often replace bowstrings, it only requires a way to store and transport it carefully.

Fortunately, you have some choices for both bow storage and transportation needs. One important thing to remember, when you travel by a bow, whatever the storage, never leave it in a hot car or humid place, including a warehouse or garage. Extreme temperatures and humid conditions can make your limbs curve and permanently damaged. Make sure your bow is stored in a safe place.

Soft case

This type of case is usually made of quality fabric coated with foam. Made for compound bows, recurve and takedown. The case shape depends on the type of bow you have and what you want to put there. Most archers purchase an arrow tube for storage and put it next to the bow if there is still room. If not, they carry it separately.

Backpack case

If you shoot with takedown recurve, you might want this. That’s the essence of portability, allowing you to package limbs, risers, sight, arrow tubes and all your accessories. Coupled with its portable, durable and easy to use. It is suitable for public transportation. Remember that this is not suitable for travel by plane, because there is no protection for your bow.

Hard case

This is a good choice for recurve archers and compounds who have the desire to ensure that the bow and all accessories used in archery are well protected. Most hard cases are available at high-density plastic that can withstand loads and heaps of objects on it. You can adjust to your goal of archery. If it’s only for recreation, maybe you don’t need a hard case or just need one.

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