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The Best Leather Tote – Kattee Vintage Tote

The Best Leather Tote – Kattee Vintage Tote

This best leather tote is included in the best hobo leather tote. This best leather tote comes from Kattee brand. Kattee brand is a brand that sells their own products directly to the customers through online channels.

This best leather tote, Kattee brand production, is also known as a vintage leather shoulder tote. According to the predicate that this leather tote got, this tote is included in the type of hobo bag. Actually, Kattee made this tote by combining some kind types of bags and one of that is a hobo bag.
This vintage leather tote uses genuine leather as the main materials. Genuine leather included in the lowest grade of leathers, yet this type of leather has a soft texture. Even though genuine leather is the lowest grade of leathers, this type of leather also needs tendance such as the use of leather lotion regularly.

The use of genuine leather influenced the price offered for this vintage leather tote. Kattee offered an inexpensive price, that is around $84. Actually, this leather tote can be highly cost, around $100. Unfortunately, because of Kattee brand doesn’t carry name and prestige, like the others brand, Kattee brand can’t give that price for this leather shoulder tote. Even though Kattee brand has a good reputation that can support the tote’s price, they keep choosing gives a price that reasonably.

This leather tote has a strap that is adjustable. This tote is also provided a long strap that can support the tote to become a crossbody bag. This best leather tote has a flexible texture so it can be a small or even a large tote. This leather tote can hold so many stuff inside. They have so many pockets inside. This leather tote also provides divider, that also used as a pocket, inside. The zipper that chosen Kattee brand is also a good quality zipper. That zipper is very easy to use, no damage and not jammed.

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