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The Amazing Molecular Structure In A DNA

The Amazing Molecular Structure In A DNA

For simplicity, we assume that a part of the chromosome model is a rope that is about 2.6 centimeters thick. This rope is tightly rolled on its axis, forming a coil in the coil. These coils are attached to a kind of support so that they remain in place. The signboard describes that this rope is designed very efficiently. You may remove the rope from each model of this chromosome and stretch it all, the length from end to end reaches halfway around the earth! Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the biologia molecular if you’re looking for the best DNA Extractor at a fair price.

A science book calls this efficient packaging system “extraordinary engineering achievement.” 18 Do you think it sounds reasonable to say that there are no technical experts behind this achievement? If this museum has a large store that sells millions of items and all of them are arranged so neatly that you can find any item easily, would you assume that nobody arranged the place? Of course not! In fact, such an order is nothing compared to the order in the chromosomes.

The signs at the museum invite you to take a piece of this rope and watch it carefully. While holding it, you see that this is not an ordinary rope. This rope is composed of two twisted threads. The two threads are connected by small rods with the same distance. It appears similar to a ladder twisted to resemble a spiral staircase. You realize: You are holding a DNA molecule model — one of the great mysteries of life that many scientists have been being tried to uncover it for so many years!

One DNA molecule, which is neatly packaged along with the axis and support, forms one chromosome. The steps are known as base pairs. What is the function of all this? A signboard provides a simple explanation.

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