So far it may only see the function of the bag as a place to put goods. Apparently, the bag also has its own philosophy whose usefulness can be tailored to the needs. But only three models of bags that meet the aesthetic requirements and function qualifier. The ability that causes three types of bags is most popular in the eyes of men. Want to know these three types? Some of you may still consider this bag as a “Gentlemen” bag. Do not worry, this briefcase is sleeker, cleaner and not boxed so it’s also ideal for a modern man who may just need a laptop and a few documents. For materials, a briefcase for men generally uses hard and rigid skin materials to maintain their shape. Another option try the canvas type for a casual appearance. Because of the material of skin, then chooses a briefcase black, brown, beige, or choco-gray. Avoid leather material with Crocco or ostrich motifs as it would look excessive if worn by a man. Appropriate shape firmly, then the briefcase is very suitable to use when attending important moments. Problem volume, briefcase may be just enough to accommodate laptop, notepad, or archives. Too much of the stuff in this bag will actually eliminate the aesthetics of the briefcase itself.

The backpack obviously remains popular and is a good way to ease yourself. This bag is very functional for who should carry a laptop or heavy documents every day. Using a backpack laptop bag will make the shoulders more comfortable because the load is evenly split. Large backpacks are more suitable for travel, college or sports. If you’re going to use it for work, choose a small or medium-sized backpack with elegant leather. Set the length of the backpack to avoid mobility and risk injuring the back. Now, why not try to choose a slightly odd and eccentric color to give a little ‘life-giving’ in your appearance. Messenger bag or postman bag became so popular since used couriers in New York 1970’s. Actually, this bag can be multifunctional, because the size is quite large and wide.

This bag is available in various sizes as needed. Some are elongated to the side, some are down. In addition to casual events, this bag is also suitable for use to the office. Initially, canvas material is used to make this bag because the material is strong and resistant to all weather. But as the development of fashion, the messenger bag is now available in various types of materials and designs.