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Some of This Treatment Must Always Do For Your Car

Some of This Treatment Must Always Do For Your Car

The car certainly becomes a vehicle that you use for many activities and mobility that you use. For that, the most important thing you should always consider is the car care. all the parts that are in the car should always look for your car to always in good condition, one part to note is the power steering. As part of determining whether the car can be used properly or not, then you also need to consider.

In addition to these sections, there are other parts that also require proper care. There are some treatments you should do to keep the car parts, such as

– Fuel consumption
Without you know, the use of dirty fuel can greatly affect the performance of the car engine. Try every trip, you have refueled and fill in the official place and have good fuel quality so as not to affect the performance of the car engine.

– Car oil change
You should be able to replace the car oil with a certain period of time and regularly in order to get the quality of a good and precise car engine. Biasnaya car will require a replacement li at the time has traveled 5000 km, but for you who are often affected by traffic jams, it would be recommended to do service every 7500 km.

– Transmit usage is correct
One of the tips to keep optimum performance remains with the use of trans, the correct mission. Untu you who just have a car, m then improve your driving ability to drive properly mobile transmission.

– Periodic service
Do not forget to do the service periodically, usually servicing done with various things like giving the exterior of a better vehicle, cleaning the interior of the vehicle, change the oil, the addition of radiator fluid, check the condition of the battery or car battery and so forth. When doing the service, do not forget to ask about the complaints and problems that happened to your car. This is to avoid any more severe damage in the future.

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