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Some Mandatory Equipment When Playing Golf

Some Mandatory Equipment When Playing Golf

Golfing is one of the many types of exercise that you can choose to have fun while also nourishing your body. Seeing the enthusiasm of playing golf in Pattaya, then pattaya golf improves the quality of the field and services so that more people are interested in trying this sport.

In all types of sports, there are always people who are called beginners where they begin to want to play because they are interested. If you are one of the beginner golfers, don’t miss golf equipment for beginners below.

– Golf Stick
We certainly know that in golf, the most important equipment we have is a golf stick. This is a tool that will help us hit and put the ball into a hole in the golf course. When it is not a layman, golf sticks are also referred to as golf clubs and there are various types.

– hat
A golf hat will greatly support your game because golf is a sport that is done outdoors. For protection from sunlight during play, hats are equipment that can be prepared. Even hats can also be used as a storage for tees and markers.

– Cloves
Believe it or not, the equipment in this golf one also determines the success of golfers’ blows apart from the hand grip factor. This is because Cloves in the game of golf will help ensure the position of the hand on the handle to be stable and also more bite. The use of Cloves golf is on the left hand and it will be quite difficult for left-handed golfers to get the right cloves golf because it means they need to wear it on their right hand.

– Golf clothes
To play golf, there are no specific rules for wearing golf-specific clothing, but you can wear it if it’s comfortable. Even when you want to wear football clothes is fine as long as it is comfortable and does not affect game techniques. If you want to keep on wearing golf shirts, add a hand sleeve because the average golf shirt is short-sleeved.

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