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Smartphone kills social interaction slowly

Smartphone kills social interaction slowly

The humans are the social creature. They can’t live well without the others, so it’s necessary for all of us to interact with our friends, families, and also with the business partners. Back in the days before we’ve got so many gadgets and technologies, hanging around with friends, talking about how your day was, and even talking about the weather can be the exciting little things to spice up our lives. Unfortunately, since the arrival of the smartphone which can be used for many purposes, the social interaction becomes less and less these days. The Technology which has been invented by the mankind has rebelled against its inventors.

However, this story of all of us isn’t about the robots attacking the professors who’ve made them. Instead, it’s about the way we use our own gadgets. As you can see, entertaining ourselves in order to prevent boredom is important so we won’t get stressed out. Sadly, when we’ve taken too much of our time to interact with machines, we often forget to interact with the other fellow human beings. When it happens, the social interaction between all of the humanity will crumble little by little. The world where having 12.456 friends but you don’t really know them well is not the real world at all. You’ll never know what you’re going to miss when your eyes are busy watching the screen of your gadgets, and the good things have passed in front of you at that exact moment. And there you are, standing and staring blankly at the little screen without even noticing that a woman or a man who can potentially become the love of your life have walked through in front of you, and that moment may never come back.

The point is not that technologies like gadgets and smartphones are bad, but it’s about the time when we need to stop staring at them. There are so many benefits that we can get from our gadgets but we need to remember that we live on earth and not inside tiny little glowing boxes called smartphones and gadgets.

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