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Reasons Why You Should Make a Visual Attractive Slideshow

Reasons Why You Should Make a Visual Attractive Slideshow

Currently, I do not know how you create slides. But if you’re still making slides the old way, creating a full slide of text and bullet points, creates slides without a strong visual support. Then you have to change the habit immediately. One easy way to get a beautiful and easy presentation is to use powerpoint templates free that you can easily get on the internet. Apart from that, here are some good reasons why you should make a visually appealing slideshow!

1. People do not pay attention to something boring
“The brain will not pay attention to something boring”
That means, if you create a slide full of text and bullet points, without a strong visual support then the audience will automatically not notice you. Because what you show on a slide does not interest them. This suits their brain’s work system, so you want to force it like anything they will not pay attention to.
Moreover, the habit of presenter always look at the screen and back to the audience. It’s getting more and more saturated and bored. If this is also what you do, let alone attract the attention of the audience, can make the audience survive to remain faithful to listen to your presentation to finish will be very difficult.
Therefore do not create a boring slide for a presentation. But make interesting slides, so that your audience watches carefully what you show.

2. Presentation is an integrated communication
You should know the presentation is an integrated communication between content, visual media and the way of delivery (verbal and nonverbal). Each has a very vital role in your communication success.
Successful communication will occur when a communicator can deliver the message to the right media to the recipient of the message and the recipient of the message understand or follow up the message that has been delivered. This is ideally a communication.
But we must admit it is not an easy thing to do. It is because there are so many obstacles in the communication process.
And this also applies to communication in the presentation.
Your job as a skilled presenter should be aware of these obstacles and overcome any obstacles.
One of them is by presenting an effective and attractive presentation display.
Thus your audience will be easy to understand your message, easy to remember and easily inspired by what you convey.

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