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Prepare your PS4 Hard Disk for the God of War file

Prepare your PS4 Hard Disk for the God of War file

Ahead of the launch of God of War on April 20, 2018, information related games that have been waiting for many gamers are increasingly heavy on the internet. Meanwhile, you might need to visit factschronicle to find more info about gaming.

Of the many information in circulation, one of the most important news and has been awaited by gamers is the size of the game file.

Like the epic game, the size of the game files that must be installed into the PS4 console is pretty amazing as the game itself.

The size of the God of War game file to install is in the 45GB range. Not much different from other recent games that recently slid on the market.

This file size may not be too worrying for gamers who have HDDs and large HDDs on their PS4.

However, for those who only have 500GB capacity may have to remove a number of game titles to be able to play this God of War game.

Just for information, this game file size applies not only to you who buy God of War digital version game. Also, apply to those of you who buy the physical version.

Comes with a New Story

Present as the latest series, God of War no longer take the background story of the Greek gods. This time, Kratos will be adventuring in a world full of monsters and gods from the Nordic culture.

In addition to changing the background to the Nordic country, the new God of War game featuring new combat mechanics and gameplay.

The faithful gamers will also be presented some more complicated skill tree systems for weapons, armor, and of course whatever abilities Kratos and Atreus have.

God of War Special Edition Console

Ahead of the launch of the brand-new God of War game, Sony also announced a special edition purchase package. The Japanese company also released a PlayStation 4 (PS4) console with a Kratos storytelling.

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