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Ownership Policy Firearms

Gun ownership is permitted for the general public but is heavily monitored, involving police reporting, written tests, lectures and a series of firing courses, in addition to a very thorough background check and detailed storage plans. Advocates of arms rights in the United States often refer to Switzerland as an example of a relatively liberal regulation that goes hand in hand with a low level of armed crime. The country of eight million people has about 2.3 million firearms. Unlike in the US, where firearms are used in most murders, only a quarter of homicides in Switzerland use firearms. Firearms were only used in 24 murders in 2009, or 0.3 for every 100,000 inhabitants. The rate of homicide in the US in the same year is 11 times higher. That’s why it’s important for you to secure your firearms because firearms such as revolvers or even long barrel guns can be accessed without going through you. This will be the case that will injure your image. It is important for you to have a safe place for a revolver or even a rifle. For a revolver, you can store it in a biometric safe that uses fingerprints to access it, as you can get in best gun safe under 1000.

In a biometric machine, there is a capacitance sensor that records the change in capacitance through the back and valleys of your finger so you have to match it to a deprogrammed pattern. Optical readers on biometric machines with numeric keypads will usually only work with your fingerprints as owners and for children, they will not easily access these firearms even though the nature of your firearm ownership is legal. Experts say that the crime rate with low firearms in Switzerland is influenced by the fact that most of the firearms are military rifles given to compulsory military men. Criminologist Martin Killias of the University of Zurich noted that as Switzerland narrows the size of the army over the past few decades, gun crime, particularly in domestic and suicide killings, has also declined. The key point is how people access weapons, not the total number of weapons in the country, Killias said. He added, the criminals in Switzerland, for example, do not have the weaponry as well as street criminals in the US.

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