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This is the Meaning of the Lines on the Reverse Camera Screen!

This is the Meaning of the Lines on the Reverse Camera Screen!

You may still find it difficult to park the car while looking through the rearview mirror or with the help of voice guidance from the sonar sensor system. The inability to see thoroughly the situation behind the car is at risk of causing your car to crash into another vehicle or an object that is not visible during the parking process. But now, the new technology from the best rear view camera was created to make it easier for you and your family to see firsthand the circumstances behind your vehicle. By looking at the vehicle and the object behind the car directly, you can estimate the exact time and position to stop the car during the parking process. This rear camera system is expected to make your car park activity becomes safer from the risk of accidents due to collision or mired in holes that are difficult to see.

Usually on the monitor screen used to display camera images appear several lines. These lines have special functions that are very important for the driver. In general, the line is divided into two, vertical and horizontal. Two vertical lines on the left and right sides serve as a wide pointer of the car being driven.

On retreat, the driver can use these two lines to measure the distance between the car and the other vehicle on the side. Try the other vehicle body does not touch the two lines. If a vertical line is used as a benchmark for the width of the car, then there is a horizontal line used to measure the distance to the object behind.

Generally, there are more than three horizontal lines on the screen. Each line represents a certain distance. The closer the line to the bottom of the screen means the closer the rear body to the object behind. Each camera has its own benchmark of how much distance between horizontal lines. To find out, the driver can see it in the car manual.

In addition to the two lines, on some cameras, there are two additional lines that can change shape. These two lines are used to indicate the direction of the front tire. So, the driver can use these two lines as a benchmark, how many must turn the steering wheel to be able to park quickly and safely.

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