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Looking for the Right SIM Card Provider in Australia

Looking for the Right SIM Card Provider in Australia

When you decide to live a new life in a new country, of course, there are some things you should understand because not all countries have an easy life process. One of them is the way they communicate, unlike in your country, in Australia, there are several processes that you must live, therefore there are 2 types of phone or mobile phone plan you can use that is prepaid, and postpaid. Each user will have different usage, we will discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each plan. It’s important you know as part of the Immigration Australia process. For prepaid, similar to when you buy credit in Indonesia, just buy credit and the way it works is no need to fear the excess quota, easy registration, price varies (about $ 30 Australia), flexible than postpaid, the lack of this system is if your credit out, you have to buy again and if used in the long term it will be more expensive than postpaid.

The second you should know is postpaid or can also be called plan, where you will be bound by contract by the phone company, with a duration of 2 years. The credit will be automatically filled at the beginning of each month until the contract expires. When signing a postpaid contract, you can also choose a phone that you like, will be paired with the SIM card provider, and after the contract is completed the phone will be yours. Different service with prepaid is the price is indeed varied but around $ 1000 Australia every year. By using postpaid then you do not need every month to fill your credit, there are additional services that you can get free mobile phone. But behind all that convenience, you are bound by contract and if violated for any reason then all remaining payment will be charged to you, with no rest. Then if your credit runs out before the specified time, you have to wait until the end of the month.

It is advisable if you will stay in Australia for more than 2 years, then you better use postpaid. But you should pay attention to the provider you choose because every provider has different price and tariff for phone, SMS, internet to fellow or different operator.

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