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Let The Company Find You

Let The Company Find You

Did you know that market habits have changed? HRD becomes more active in finding suitable candidates through online jobhunting website’s Talent Search function? Maybe you are not interested in finding a new job now, but there is no reason to reject a great job opportunity even when you are busy working. Don’t lose work opportunities and keep your profile up-to-date. How can you be noticed by HRD? Apart from that, perhaps you also want to check out the full report of the latest job seeker news as well.

The key is: Make your profile always new and let the company find you! Let your profile be searched to receive relevant employment opportunities from HRD.

By updating your profile, you can:

Stand out and increase opportunities for interviews: HRD will screen job applications based on candidate qualifications. Accentuating your skills and achievements can increase your chances of being seen by HRD.

Apply for a job quickly and easily. Search for and apply for jobs from any device with a profile ready to use and save your resume for every job application form from anywhere at any time.

Track the status of your job application. After becoming a job-hunting site member, you can create your profile to apply for a job and increase the opportunity to receive HRD updates and responses whenever your job application is accepted, considered or responded to in the job hunting website account.

How do you make and update your profile?

Become a trusted job hunting website member if you are not currently a member.

Follow the steps available to create your profile. Remember to highlight your abilities and achievements so that your profile works for you.

Publish your profile in part or in full so the company can find you.

That’s it for the info that we may share with you this time about job hunting. Although it can be quite tricky, giving up is never be an answer, so make sure you try your best and always adapt to the upcoming changes when it comes down to finding a job which suits you.

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