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Know the weak points of deer and birds when you go hunting

Know the weak points of deer and birds when you go hunting

The weak point on the weak point in the game is not only can we conclude in isolation. Instead, it takes experiments, those experiments as well as lab tests if necessary. It’s because if we just follow what that we want to shoot parts of his body could be the animal instead of the dead instead of attack you back, of course, it does not want to happen. There are so many people out there who only use his instinct to be able to conquer his game animals. Examples such as to conquer the deer just by shooting on the head only. It is logical but we should be able to know what are the weak points. Because of course, some animals differ in their weak points. And here are some animals that have weak points you might follow when you go hunting at the landscape hunting, here are the weak points of the deer and birds (we share tips with these two animals because they are often targeted):


Animals of this one would have a lot to know. And usually many people who underestimate in shooting about birds. many people who say that birds are shot in any part of it later also right if not miss the shot will fall. But for professional hunters, of course, this is not true because there are some bird’s weak points that even eagle birds. These points are the head, wings, and also the bird’s chest.


This type of animal will be hard to find if the first shot. Because her name is deer he cannot survive the pressure. Usually, if we guess the deer then miss the deer will run very fast. Therefore to shoot this one animal need peace and very high concentration. But you also need to know the weak point of the animal where the weak point of the animal is on its head. Just by aiming at the head of the animal and the right shot right on the head of the animal is not missed then the animal will automatically die on the spot although the run will not be far from the original place.

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