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Know The Various Factors That Can Inhibit Your Muscle Formation

Know The Various Factors That Can Inhibit Your Muscle Formation

For men, the hormone testosterone is indeed the most important hormone and should always be maintained. Therefore, this hormone greatly affects the body shape and muscles of men. Many men can not have a good muscle shape because of this hormone deficiency. For that, many of those who consume herbs to boost testosterone to be able to increase the hormone testosterone in the body.

As the most muscle-building muscle needed by men, many ways they usually do in improving the hormone. whereas, what should not be forgotten are the things that can build their muscles. If you are undergoing a muscle building program, then some of these things can be a hindrance that is bothering you.

1. Too Much Eating
Eating in large portions is a fatal first mistake done by those who are building muscle. Because, in fact, the body can only process a number of nutrients, include calories, only in one absorption or digestion. All foods that can be absorbed by the body will only be a pile of fat on the body. That is why it is highly recommended to eat as much as 5-8 times in moderate portions and not too much. The frequency of eating can be done is to consider the type of food, food portions, and multiply the protein intake. Thus, the body can prevent the increase in the number of enzymes and hormones so fat deposits do not increase.

2. Too Many Calories
For those of you who have the usual metabolism, and consuming 5,000 calories each day will make your weight rise with drastic. You can consume about 16-17 calories per kg of your body weight and see in the mirror whether there are still parts of the body fat.

3. Too Much Protein
Protein is one of the essential nutrients in determining autotoxic. But that does not mean the more protein consumed it will be useful. Because actually, the protein the body needs in muscle shape is 1 to one-half gram per kg body weight.

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