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Know the possible side effects of the keto diet before you do it

Know the possible side effects of the keto diet before you do it

Various studies related to this technique have been done, the result is this method is faster in losing weight compared to other methods such as low-fat diet. It should be noted that the user can see the results only in the first 6 months, while for the new low-fat diet can be parallel to the results shown by ketogenik in the next two years. Aside from that, perhaps you need to know the truth about do bcaas raise blood sugar.

Although this method is good for people with epilepsy, it does not mean without side effects. Noted there are some side effects that are sometimes found in the perpetrators. Here are some of the side effects of ketogenic diet that must be cautioned as quoted from several online health journals.

1. Vomiting and nausea
When the ketone enters the brain, the intensity of the seizure can be suppressed in such a way. Unfortunately blood flow is filled with ketones often cause nausea and vomiting so doctors will usually give a little intake of carbohydrates to expel the nausea and vomiting.

2. Difficult CHAPTER
Because this diet method is low in fiber then most likely the culprit will have difficulty in defecating. Therefore doctors generally provide a laxative for patients so that patients no longer have difficulty when defecating.

3. Abnormal blood fats
Because this diet uses fat as a source of energy then indirectly increase blood fat levels, cholesterol also means increased.

4. Kidney stones
Recorded 3 to 7% of children who run ketogenik diet problems with kidney stones, as stated by Dr. Eric Kossoff in 2009 in a journal entitled Epilepsia, the formation of kidney stones can be caused by high uric acid levels.

5. Abnormalities in bone and growth
Magnesium, calcium and amino are pressed in such a way in the ketogenic diet, this causes the bones and growth of a person to be disturbed. In addition to disrupting growth, it can also increase a person’s risk of fracture. Therefore, experts recommend its users to consume calcium, magnesium and amino supplements.

The five side effects above are often not realized by the perpetrators, although dangerous but if following all that is advised by our doctors will be apart of all the bad things.

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